Benefits of Teamwork

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Learning From The Navy SEALs Teams

Powerful Benefits of Teamwork

Building a successful team can be challenging but the powerful benefits of a team are well worth the effort and time it takes.

Just ask a Navy SEAL!

This elite group of professionals are recognized around the world as the best of the best in accomplishing their purpose through working as a team.

Everything they do is done in teams.

They never work alone. They can show us the benefits because they experience them; they live those benefits out.

The SEALS also understand that the more work they are prepared to put into team building, the greater the teamwork benefits will be.

They adhere to a set of team core values which are non-negotiable. They are simple, clear, and straight forward. They include a compelling PURPOSE. mutual TRUST, RESPECT, and CARE for each other, excellent COMMUNICATION and HIGH INTEGRITY. The benefits of teamwork cannot be fully experienced without adopting these values.

What can these benefits of teamwork, experienced by the SEALs, look like?

  1. An unwavering trust and team spirit gives the team energy and motivation to push forward, take more risks, and to deliver results in the most difficult situations.
  2. The respect they have for the contribution of even the newest member enables them to become a helpful sounding board for each other’s ideas and creativity.
  3. Their ability to communicate well generates more effective problem solving, better decision making and the ability to handle conflict as a team.
  4. Because they know how to plan, prepare, coordinate, and execute as a team, there is “buy-in” from each team member. This is a great benefit of teamwork. This sense of ownership then fuels their commitment to each mission.
  5. As team leaders learn, understand and respect each of their team’s personalities and capabilities, they are able to utilize and blend their skills and talents. This enables them to solve the most complex problems together, often achieving the most extraordinary results.
  6. The care the SEALs have for each other and their willingness to accept one another develops a strong sense of camaraderie and team spirit. This benefit of teamwork also keeps team morale high and helps the team to keep going when the going gets tough.
  7. Having learned to let go of individual pride and ego, team members are able to evaluate each mission and identify problems or mistakes without becoming defensive, aggressive or critical of each other. This enables many improvements which will benefit their next team mission.
  8. As team members take on different roles and work interdependently together, they discover that fulfilling their unique role is critical if the is to succeed in its purpose. This creates a healthy sense of worth and self confidence in each team member which is necessary for overcoming any past failures and achieving optimum performance.

So how will you leverage the benefits of teamwork in your organization?

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